Traversette pass

The poetry of doing shows in the movements of a scythe, the harmony of man and nature in the reapers’ strides along the slopes.

xperience becomes skill; power finds form in a fluid gesture; love blossoms like a flower among the cut grass: three stories, delicate and decisive like the slicing of the scythe caressing the earth.
Stories of strain and sweat, of pride and love, of courage and hope. Tales that follow the breath of the wind on the meadow, passions that carry the perfume of the freshly mowed grass.
  • Monviso

  • Le Guil

  • Duration: 6:00 h

The steps

Start Italy

The contest

A challenge to the last blade of grass for the honour of being the best with the scythe.



The confiscation

You never know who you'll meet along the trail. In good times and bad.


Start France

The red foulard

Side by side upon the slope with the scythe in hand: this time it is not only work...



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