Saint-Véran pass

Small gestures hiding great stories leave a trace in a man’s memory and in the history of a place.

n the presence of majestic alpine peaks tiny but tireless men are moving. The memory of their enterprises is fixed in tales that are inspired by a detail, a gesture or an object.
Tales of smuggling are stories of men who put into their backpacks together with the goods that have to cross the border above all their load of dreams and expectations.
  • Chianale

  • Saint Véran

  • Duration: 5:00 h

The steps

Start Italy

The first trip

A load on the shoulders and a trail in front of him: the memories of an “old” smuggler.



Bad weather

A rock gives way, a man falls: the rescue hinges on the point of an ice pick.


Start France

The confession

A gendarme and a smuggler united by an old memory and a bit of rice.



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