Longet pass

Everyday objects that accompanied the life of the smugglers and of those trying to stop them.

scanty meal to share together with the trail’s strain; a bottle that shatters during a daring escape and becomes a moment of sharing; two enemies side by side in the same long night: persons who meet and fight in the same destiny of a story. In the majestic frame of the Alps the boot steps on the trail give rhythm to the tale and echo to passions.
  • Chianale

  • Ceillac

  • Duration: 6:30 h

The steps

Start Italy

Two eggs

A long walk on the roughest trails to escape the controls by the German soldiers.



The grappa

Nothing is wasted in the mountains; everything is shared: even the rescue, even the joy.


Start France

At night

A man in a trap and a single night to find the rescue.



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