Agnello pass

The frontier is a place of encounter and conflict. A thin line on the map on which minor and great stories are written.

he lost deserter, the smuggler in distress, the awkward vendor: three stories of smuggling united by a solidarity that allowed these men to pass divisions and borders with the naturalness of a gesture.
Tales of encounter and conflict, great dramas and small joys. Adventures undergone between the twists of history and under the indifferent glance of the mountains.
  • Chianale

  • Fontgillarde

  • Duration: 1:30 h by car

The steps

Start Italy

The deserter

A man escaping from the war; a border that may be the rescue but also the tragic end.



The bivouac

The light of a bivouac, the heat of a fire to be shared with a gesture and few words.


Start France

The scythes

Will a smuggler in a trap find the right words to get free?



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