Once upon a time...

Mountains which tell tales of effort and joy, of sweat and hope, of smugglers and reapers.

he echo of steps marks the rhythm of tales of a far away time that still, like long ago, reverberate in this border land. Tales of men and women who, driven by necessity, ascended with heavy loads up to where the air was thinner, in search of a happier future.
Tales of smugglers, itinerant reapers and border guards. Tales of mountains which were hard and difficult but also generous to those who knew how to respect them.

… and they are still here!

Mountains to be explored with renewed curiosity, along enchanting trails, in search of new experiences.

The project PAS.SI

Multimedia instruments as stimulus for direct experience, educational enrichment and moments of memory.
A gripping game for the entire family that starts at home with the website and the app to learn about the project and to explore the territory; it develops hiking along the trails, reliving the adventures of the smugglers and orientating oneself in history and in the places; it continues at home with a free gadget that refers to the just made experience.

Two nations for a single territory. A territory united by traditions, language, customs and the way of living in the mountains.